About Us

A Little Introduction

Starting life in a new country comes with its own challenges, especially when there is a language barrier in place, or someone has not lived in an urban environment before.

Safety Awareness Glasgow (SAG) was set up in 2015 to educate, encourage and support vulnerable individual, and organisations in Glasgow about health and safety.

We are a community and people-led organisation that aims to promote safety and the general wellbeing of people in our community.

We wish to help new Glaswegians settling into life in life in Scotland with a range of issues include cyber safety, climate-change awareness, personal safety, and more. Those we help might not know how to dial 999 or could be accessing social media for the first time, and so we wish to give them the knowledge they need to navigate these new areas successfully.

Cyber Safety

General Safety

Cycling Safety


We are a registered 3rd party reporting center with Police Scotland


What They Say

I am happy to have learnt from the cybersafety workshop about how to put my snapchat in ghost mode, it gave me a sense of personal safety


The All-African food bank items have really helped my family, because I do not know how to eat the other foods I have been given from other food banks


I attended the ESOL-Safety workshop and it really helped me to know how to call the emergency services, because I am new in the country and did not have this information before attending the workshop


I did not know how to ride a Bike before coming to the Bike lesson sessions, now I am a confident cyclist, riding my Bike to school